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DWD available on iOS !

Return to the lands of Arhkyn. As David William Dagenhart you are brought back from the grave to battle against the Dark Servant’s army. With each victory your powers grow, gifted with a lethal array of spells to unleash upon the dark hordes. DWD’s unique gameplay allows you to combine powerful attacks with magic, fire and ice, summoning the element of lightning and defending with the shield of the Guardian. In DWD there are many powerful spells and it’s up to you to choose and combine them to defeat the enemy, but they are strong, and they are many.
Through detailed and immersive levels your skill and prowess over the powers entrusted to you by the Guardian are all that stand between you and the last light. As you defend the 7 Artefacts of Arhkyn, it is timing and accuracy, when to cast spells and when to shield yourself from attacks that are at the core of this exciting and addictive game, and after sending but a few dozen beasts back to the depths from whence they came you will find this becomes instinctual, and importantly, lots of fun!

You are worthy…You are the Wizard Defender…You must defeat them.

"The wise ones had foretold of it's coming when deaths hand reached for the Guardian. 7 artifacts, the 7 seals of Arhkyn remained hidden for millennia, protected by the Guardian and those who came before. The dark servant hid in shadow for 300 years, waiting, forging his army of undead and magical beasts. They seek the seals of Arhkyn, to destroy them, and now they come. Now near his end, the powers of the defender must be passed, but there are none worthy, none that live. Only one shall receive it, only one can be reborn. With his last breath the words were spoken, and it was done."


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